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End The Cycle Summer Camp In The Pe​ruvian Amazon


End The Cycle is launching ETC Summer Camp in the Peruvian Amazon - in a town called Rioja starting January 2023! 

Thanks to your donations, our dream of bringing technology to children in the Peruvian Amazon has become a reality! We were able to purchase 20 laptops which will be used for virtual learning at ETC Summer Camp. 

ETC Summer Camp is an 8 week summer program that will focus on teaching children English as a second language and Canva Design skills. 

Each student will be able to have hands-on experience while they learn how to create 5 different designs on Canva through interactive projects. 

Our goal is to be able to run this program in different schools as we help schools in the Peruvian Amazon transition into the digital age. 

We are asking for donations to sponsor a child's laptop or for donations of used working laptops you may have at home/office. You can sponsor a child's laptop under the Gifts of Change tab or contact us if you'd like to donate a used working laptop. 

Together we can make this world a better place! 

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